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1-on-1 Mentoring Session

Are you breaking into the wedding photography industry and ready to push your skills forward?

A 1-on-1 mentorship is an effective way to focus on your unique development as a photographer.

As an established and successful photographer, it’s gratifying to share my knowledge with those who are hungry to learn.

You can choose what we’ll focus on in our sessions, or I can provide guidance and suggestions for areas of focus. Nothing is off limits during these mentoring sessions and it will be my pleasure to help you to springboard your skills and your photography career.

Sessions can include: (but are not limited to)

  • Portfolio/website review
  • Tips to getting yourself re-inspired
  • Goal setting & constructive criticism
  • Business management
  • Pushing past creative ruts
  • Shooting & posing
  • Editing and workflow
  • Tips for finding good light

Sessions are available in person in the Niagara Region or via Skype. They will just be the two of us sitting down 2hrs and are sure to include lots of coffee, snacks, and a ton of positive feedback.

Let’s chat! Use this contact form to start a conversation about your aspirations as a photographer:

Pricing Options

All Prices are in CAD
2Hrs in Person $600
2Hrs on Skype $550