A Little Local Love

‘A little LOCAL LOVE’ started as a personal project for me in 2013. It was a way for me to step out of my shy comfort zone, introduce myself and learn about a few different Niagara based small businesses such as myself. My first two handfuls of business showcases were wedding related vendors. I thought this would be beneficial to my couples, who repeatedly ask me for referrals. On a wedding day, I often get to photograph some of the most beautiful, detail orientated stationery, decor, flowers, and so forth. I wanted this project to be a way for me to put faces and recognition to those intriguing pieces of work. So the idea was to meet with the business owners, and through imagery and conversation, learn all about their companies, visions, goals and aspirations, often witnessing and photographing them in the mist of their creations.

Little did I know, that this project would bring with it so much inspiration for me personally. Listening to others beam about living out their dreams has had a huge impact on my heart. Anything is truly possible! All you need is a plan, handwork, sacrifice and the courage to keep pushing forward.

I plan on doing a little more work with ‘A little LOCAL LOVE’ in 2015 but my focus will change from wedding related vendors, to simply just local businesses and talent in general. Boutiques, cafes, little shops, home based businesses, artists and outward. If you are interested in setting a date, I would love love love to listen to your story and showcase you through my imagery and words written on my blog!

Please don’t be shy… reach out.

Niagara Wedding Cake Specialist – A little Local Love

March 20, 2017

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There is nothing better then shining light and love on other boss babes! I was over the moon to finally meet the […]

June 2014 Showcase – Wine Country Floral

June 6, 2014

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From the moment she greeted me at the door, instantly welcoming me in, offering me a hot cup of coffee she exuded class, professionalism and more so undeniable kindness.

April 2014 Showcase – Ooh La La Designs

April 30, 2014

Categories: Local Love

Meet Kelly -owner of Ooh LaLa Designs and her right hand girl Stacy!

March 2014 Showcase – Timeless Tiers

March 31, 2014

Categories: Local Love

Meet Sam! – Owner at Timeless Tiers.

July Showcase – Savvy Sendables

July 10, 2013

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Friends for over 20 years and now business partners! Nikki and Sarah are fabulously styled and put together professionals, always offering a mix of modern, fun and unique wedding and event stationery of all kinds.

June Showcase – Elope Niagara

June 17, 2013

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Best friends for over 35 years, Kim and Kathy have joined forces and together they have made their dream come to life. It all started as a drawing, a far out vision and dream. But their drive and ambition has made their dream of building and owning a log chapel a reality.

May Showcase – Defining Moments Stationery

May 7, 2013

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Olga is one superb lady to work with. She designs with passion and has a love for the little details. Every piece of her work is something to look at and showcases perfectly her couples vision for their wedding day. You can expect to feel her passion when she creates for you, as you hold onto one of her hand crafted, beautifully designed invites in your hands.