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I am a girl who believes to my very core that true happiness manifests in your life when you have the courage to truly live it. This is my journey. And this is my truth.

My journey as a photographer began almost nine years ago as a part time outlet for my big heart and has since grown into one of Niagara’s leading photography companies. For this and so much more, I am eternally grateful. I continue to pour a lot of my heart into making Jessica Little Photography a company that exudes passion, love and expression of deepest gratitude for telling a piece of your life story. I sincerely mean it when I say, I feel so fortunate to call this my career and I appreciate the journey every single day.

‘Love’ is so inspiring to me! The way any two people or a family connect is always so incredibly unique. The bonds, the authentic chemistry, the hidden quirks of any relationship, familiarity in the laughter of the ones you love or the security you find in the quiet calmness. I feel all of that, and I love to document all of that! Therefore, I will always put the most emphasis on encouraging you to be yourselves rather then forcing unnatural poses. I am in business to create something timeless and real. Photos that speak true to who you are, rather then all the stiff stuff! No one needs any of those.

I can hardly wait to hear your story and get to know you… drop me a line on my contact page! Let’s start a friendship and create something beautiful!

I am a feeler of love, a giver of hugs, and my work is a true representation of human connection. It has always been my aim to be much more than a fancy camera, and stunning portfolio. I value all the little moments in life, because I believe that they are the ones that truly make the biggest impact on our hearts.

A photographer for life's dearest moments.

Aside from wrapping myself up in photographing your love and milestones, I spend as much time as I can cherishing my own. A big part of my life is celebrating my days as a mother and a wife! Together, we spend life tangled up in loving each other and value our time as a family. We love escaping for the weekend in our trailer and going on adventures, whether big or small! We value the importance of basking in the simple joys of being outside and living life in the sunshine! These boys are my dream come true, and my number one inspiration. All I tackle in this life, is a testament to the love bursting from my heart for my husband, son and fur baby.  

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