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Hi there! Welcome to my little corner of the internet and home to all things Jessica Little Photography. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you sincerely enjoy browsing my work!

My photography career began seven years ago as a part time outlet for my big heart. However most of my life I have always been ‘the girl with the camera’. So much heart and hustle has been poured into making Jessica Little Photography a warm, heartfelt company. There truly is so much gratitude in my heart to be granted the gift in telling your stories! My love for documenting love stories has led me down the path of specializing in wedding and engagement photography! However my photographic expression is not limited to just those special moments.

I truly believe life is compiled of a series of beautiful milestones, all so important and delicate to our beating hearts! My sincere wish is to be apart of them all for you. My aim is not to make new clients, but to truly make lasting friends on this journey. I have invested so much of my time fostering this business and truly love everything that Jessica Little Photography has come to be! I make an ongoing investment in the hearts of the ones I photograph and in turn they invest in me! Its an ongoing love affair of friendship, connection and good imagery that speaks true to your comfort and trust in me.

Please feel free to get in touch through my contact page! I am so excited to hear your story and get you infront of my camera soon.

My passion for true love and human connection are the leading force in my photography and the number one reason why I have chosen to be a photographer. My main focus is connecting with you in a way that brings authenticity to your collection of images.

A photographer for life's dearest moments.

Aside from wrapping myself up in photographing your love and milestones, I spend as much time as I can cherishing my own. A big part of my life is celebrating life as a mother and a wife! Together, we spend life tangled up in loving each other and value our time as a family of four. We love escaping for the weekend in our trailer and going on adventures. Whether they be big or small, we take any advantage we can to bask in the joys of being outside and living life in the sunshine! These boys are my dream come true, and my number one inspiration. All I tackle in this life, is a testament to the love bursting from my heart for my husband, son and fur baby.  

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